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Mandarina pallasiana (Pfeiffer)

Pallas Mandarina (Mandarina pallasiana)  

This species was described in 1850, it is known from subfossil specimens that were recovered from Holocene deposits at the Kominato Beach on southern Chichijima Island, Ogasawara Islands, Japan.

The shells are quite large, some are white and bear two to four brown bands, some are unicolored brown without bands. [1]


The species was for some time thought to be identical with the Minamizaki Mandarina Snail. [1]


The Pallas Mandarina died out because of natural climatic changes that lead to a rise of the temperatures making the habitat becoming dryer.



[1] Satoshi Chiba: Taxonomic revision of the fossil land snail species of the genus Mandarina in the Ogasawara Islands. Paleontological Research 11(4): 317-329. 2007 


edited: 19.04.2019