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Carex repanda C. B. Clarke

Arched Sedge (Carex repanda)

The Arched sedge was described in 1894, it is, or maybe, was apparently restricted to the Khasi Hills, a low mountain formation on the Shillong Plateau in Meghalaya, India. [1]

the species appears to be extinct now.


[1] Joseph Dalton Hooker: The flora of British India. London: L. Reeve 1875-1897


edited: 21.09.2020

Sterculia khasiana Debb.

Khasi Sterkulia (Sterculia khasiana)

This tree species was restricted to the subtropical forests growing on the Khasi Hills in Meghalaya, India.

The species is known from three collections, all made in the 19th century, with the last one dating to 1877; since then the tree could not be relocated and thus is now considered most likely extinct.


edited: 25.05.2021

Begonia brevicaulis A. DC.

Short-stemmed Begonia (Begonia brevicaulis)  

The Short-stemmed Begonia was described in 1859, it is, or maybe was, endemic to the state of Megalhaya, India, where it was found growing at elevations of about 300 m.

The plant had a bulbous root system, was completely stem-less and had heart-shaped, browdly ovate leaves.

The species is now considered likely extinct. 


The species should not be mistaken for Begonia brevicaulis T. C. Ku, which is a synonym of the Chinese Begonia sinobrevicaulis T. C. Ku.


edited: 04.09.2019