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Metaleptobasis gibbosa Tennessen

Gibbose Forest Damselfly (Metaleptobasis gibbosa)

The Gibbose Forest Damselfly was described in 2012 based on specimens that had been collected in 2005; the species has only ever been found in a very small area, a forest wetland in Los Copales in the Pastaza Province of Ecuador.

The species reaches a length of about 4,6 cm; it is quite inconspicuous colored, the eyes are red-orange dorsally and green anteriorly, the thorax is generally brown-orange with darker brown medially stripes, the abdomen is mostly grey-brown.

The only known locality was destroyed in 2012 for the development of houses; the species has not been found anywhere else, despite searches.



[1] K. J. Tennessen: Two new species of Metaleptobasis from central Ecuador (Odonata: Coenagrionidae). International Journal of Odonatology 15(2): 87-97. 2012


edited: 26.04.2022