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Minidonta micra Solem & Cooke

Minute Minidonta Snail (Minidonta micra)  

This species was described in 1976 based on specimens that had been collected in 1934 from a cave on the tiny islet of Aukena in the Gambier group.  

The shells are very small, only about 0,16 to 0,19 cm in diameter. [1]  


The species was originally known only from Aukena, but other specimens were subsequently found on the islands of Akamaru, Mangareva and Taravai as well. [2]  



[1] Alan Solem: Endodontoid land snails from Pacific Islands (Mollusca: Pulmonata: Sigmurethra). Part I, Family Endodontidae. Field Museum of Natural History Chicago, Illinois 1976 
[2] Ahmed Abdou; Philippe Bouchet: Nouveaux gastéropodes Endodontidae et Punctidae (Mollusca, Pulmonata) récemment éteints da l’archipel des Gambier (Polynésie). Zoosystema 22(4): 689-707. 2000  


edited: 04.10.2017