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Kerzhneria hirsuta Schmitz

Kerzhner’s Damsel Bug (Kerzhneria hirsuta)

Kerzhner’s Damsel Bug, which is/was endemic to the highly isolated island of Saint Helena in the southern Atlantic Ocean, was described in 1977. [1]

The species was found on Cabbage Tree Road and on High Peak at the central ridge.

Kerzhner’s Damsel Bug reaches a length of only about 0,5 cm, it has an oval abdomen and minute wings and thus appears to be flightless.

The species was not found during the most recent fiels surveys in 2005/06 and may indeed be extinct, yet there is still the chance that it was just overlooked. [2]



[1] C. P. Alexander; A. M. Hutson; R. W.  Crosskey; R. P. Lane; D. A. Duckhouse; P. Van Schuytbroeck; K. G. V. Smith; P. H. S. Van Doesburg; P. H. J. Van Doesburg: Terrestrial fauna of the island of St Helena. Koninklijk Museum voor Midden Afrika Tervuren Belgie Annalen Zoologische Wetenschappen 215: 1-533. 1977
[2] Howard Mendel; Philip Ashmole; Myrtle Ashmole: Invertebrates of the Central Peaks and Peak Dale, St. Helena. Report for the St Helena National Trust, Jamestown 2008


edited: 21.06.2020