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Neduba extincta Rentz

Antioch Shieldback Katydid (Neduba extincta)  

The Antioch Shieldback Katydid is known from only a single male specimen, which was collected in the year 1937 in the Antioch Dunes in the San Francisco Bay Delta in the Californian Contra Costa County.  

Yet the species was described only in the year 1977, forty years after the only known specimen was collected.  

The habitat of this species, the Antioch Dunes, are an only about 28,3 ha large area, which was heavily damaged by urbanization, industrialization, sand mining, agricultural land conversion but also by driving off-road vehicles, uncontrolled fires and other human impacts, but which is now mostly under conservation.  



[1] D. C. F. Rentz: A new and apparently extinct katydid from Antioch Sand Dunes (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae). Entomol. News 88: 241-245. 1977


edited: 21.09.2020