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Nesiocina mangarevae Richling & Bouchet

Mangarevan Nesiocina Snail (Nesiocina mangarevae 

This species was described in 2013, it is only known from empty, subfossil specimens that were collected in 1997 on the islands of Mangareva and Taravai, Gambier Islands.  

The shells reach sizes of 0,21 to 0,24 cm in diameter, they are whitish to yellowish and glossy.  


[1] Ira Richling; Philippe Bouchet: Extinct even before scientific recognition: a remarkable radiation of helicinid snails (Helicinidae) on the Gambier Islands, French Polynesia. Biodiversity and Conservation 22: 2433-2468. 2013  


edited: 10.10.2017