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Dendromus kahuziensis Dieterlen

Mt. Kahuzi Climbing Mouse (Dendromus kahuziensis)

The Mt. Kahuzi Climbing Mouse was described in 1969; the species is known only from two specimens, a male and a female that were collected in 1967 and 1972 respectively.

The species is (or was) known only from the forests at Mount Kahuzi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; it is highly threatened by illegal logging and habitat destruction and, having never been found since 1972, might actually already be extinct.


edited: 20.08.2022

Nesomys narindaensis Mein et al.

Narinda Forest Rat (Nesomys narindaensis)

The Narinda Forest Rat was described in 2010, it is known only from subfossil remains that were recovered from deposits in north-western Madagascar.

The species was larger than its three living congeners of which one, the Red Forest Rat (Nesomys rufus Peters), is pictured below.


Red Forest Rat (Nesomys rufus)

Photo: Brian Gratwicke



edited: 14.05.2022