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Leuctra laura Hitchcock

Hampshire Needlefly (Leuctra laura)

The Hampshire Needlefly was described in 1969; it is known only from two specimens, a male and a female, that were collected on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, USA.

The species might be extinct; however, its taxonomic validity is questioned.


edited: 17.02.2024

Argyresthia castaneella Busck

American Chestnut Ermine Moth (Argyresthia castaneella)  

The American Chestnut Ermine Moth, which is known from New Hampshire and Vermont was described in the year 1915, since that year no trace of this species could be found again.  

The larvae of this species fed on the bark of the American Chestnut (Castanea dentata (Marsh.) Borkh.), a tree species, which is nearly extinct now, and of which today almost only small sprouts exist, of which only very few get large enough to produce sufficient quantities of bark.  


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