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Cynisca gansi Dunger

Okoloma Worm Lizard (Cynisca gansi)

The Okoloma Worm Lizard was described in 1968; it is only known from a single locality near the city of Okoloma in Nigeria.

The species inhabited the topsoil as well as the leaf litter in the native forests, which are now mostly converted into agricultural areas or are urbanized; the species might well be extinct.


The photo below shows a more widespread congenerix taxon, the Coast Worm Lizard (Cynisca leucura (Duméril & Bibron)), photographed in Nigeria.


Coast Worm Lizard (Cynisca leucura)

Photo: Babajide Agboola


edited: 18.02.2024

Cassipourea eketensis Baker f.

Eket Cassipourea (Cassipourea eketensis)

The Eket Cassipourea was described in 1914; it is, or maybe was, endemic to Nigeria and is thought to have been closely related to Afzelius’ Cassipourea (Cassipourea afzelii (Oliv.) Alston) (see photo).

The species might be extinct.



[1] F. J. Breteler: Novitates Gabonenses 68. The genus Cassipourea (Rhizophoraceae) in continental tropical Africa with emphasis on Gabon: subgeneric division, identification keys, and description of two new species. Edinburgh Journal of Botany 65(3): 407-424. 2008


Afzelius’ Cassipourea (Cassipourea afzelii)

Photo. Carel Jongkind



edited: 09.08.2022