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Nyhimbricus wollastoni (White)

Wollaston’s Leafhopper (Nyhimbricus wollastoni)  

Wollaston’s Leafhopper, which is/was endemic to the island of Saint Helena in the southern Atlantic Ocean, was described in 1878.  

The species reaches a length of about 0,5 cm, it is distinctly pale yellow colored and bears orange marks on its head and its pronotum as well as orange bands on its forewings.  

The species was not found during intensive searches in recent years and is thus probably already extinct. [1]  



[1] Howard Mendel; Philip Ashmole; Myrtle Ashmole: Invertebrates of the Central Peaks and Peak Dale, St. Helena. Report for the St Helena National Trust, Jamestown 2008  


Photo: Tristan Bantock The Natural History Museum  

(under creative commons license (2.0)) 


edited: 01.12.2018