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Hedyotis evenia Thwaites

Evenia’s Hedyotis (Hedyotis evenia)

This species was described in 1859; it was collected in the forests of the Samanala Kanda (Adam’s Peak) in the central highlands of Sri Lanka

A small shrub, yellow when dry; branches acutely 4-angled. Leaves 1/2-3/4 in., coriaceous above, varnished and with a few scattered raised points. Cymes few-fld. – Fruit unknown, and hence the position of the species in the genus.” [1]

The species’ name appears in lists of extinct plant species; thus, I will mention it here briefly; unfortunately, I have no further information.



[1] Joseph Dalton Hooker: The Flora of British India. London: L. Reeve 1875-97


edited: 28.04.2022