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Procloeon insignificans (McDunnough)

Insignificant Small Minnow Mayfly (Procloeon insignificans)

The Insignificant Small Minnow Mayfly was described in 1925; it is known only from its type locality which is somewhere in the vicinity of the city of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada.

MALE. – Length of body 3mm., of fore wing 4 mm. Thoracic notum and pleura dark brown, sternum lighter brown, legs white, and wings hyaline, with longitudinal veins faintly yellowish. Basal abdominal tergites white, with a faint red, median streak on tergites 2 and 3, sternites 2 and 3 white; apical tergites light brown, sternites tan; genital forceps and caudal filaments white.” [1]

The species was never found since and is likely extinct now.



[1] B. D. Burks: The mayflies, or Ephemoptera, Of Illinois. Illinois Natural History Bulletin 26: 1-216. 1953-1955


edited: 24.08.2022

Neomacounia nitida (Lindb.) Ireland

Macoun’s Shining Moss (Neomacounia nitida 

This species was described in the year 1869.  

The plant is only known from two (or three) historical collections from the 1860s.  

The original collection sites, swampy areas east of Belleville, a city near Ottawa, where it was found growing on elm trees, were cleared and the species has not been relocated despite considerable bryological fieldwork in the region, and thus is considered most likely extinct.  



[1] Robert R. Ireland: Neomacounia, a new genus in the Neckeraceae (Musci) from Canada. The Bryologist 77(3): 453-459. 1974