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Pampusana jobiensis ssp. chalconotus (Mayr)

Vella Lavella White-breasted Ground Dove (Pampusana jobiensis ssp. chalconotus)

The Vella Lavella White-bibbed Ground Dove is a subspecies of the White-breasted Ground Dove (Pampusana jobiensis (A. B. Meyer)) that probably is rather treated as a full species.

The form is apparently known from only four specimens, two juvenile birds, a probably also not fully-grown female and a male.


The Vella Lavella White-breasted Ground Dove is officially still extant, however, as far as I could find out, the species was last seen in the 1940s, no sightings did occur since then and it is quite likely extinct.


edited: 09.03.2020