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Pieris mannii ssp. haroldi Wyatt

Atlas Southern Small White (Pieris mannii ssp. haroldi)  

While one of the subspecies of the Southern Small White, namely the South-Alps Southern Small White (Pieris mannii ssp. alpigena Verity) (see photo), is extending its range beyond the “Schweizer Mittelland” region since 2008 and will be certainly moving further north in the future (it actually reached my region in 2016).  

Two other, relatively rare local forms are meanwhile extinct, one of form discussed here.  


The Atlas Southern Small White was described in 1952, it was restricted to the Middle Atlas, Morroco.  

This form is known to have been the largest subspecies.  

It was last seen in the year 1973 (according to other sources in 1999) and is now considered most probably extinct.  


Southern Small White (Pieris mannii ssp. alpigena Verity); another subspecies

Photo: Alexander Lang


edited: 14.09.2020