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Sinployea rudis (Garrett)

Rough Sinployea Snail (Sinployea rudis)  

This species, which was endemic to Rarotonga, Cook Islands, was discovered in 1869 and described three years later, in 1872.  

A. J. Garrett, the author of the species, gave the following information about it.:  

A common species of a very rude aspect, easily distinguished by its rude, irregular lamellar ribs. We found examples in several different villages; all found on the ground in damp woods.” [1]  


The species is also known from subfossil shells that were commonly found in coastal deposits in northern, southeastern, and southern Rarotonga.  

The shells of this species reached an average size of about 0,35 to 0,48 cm in diameter, with the subfossil shells being generally smaller than those found alive in the 19th century.  

The Rough Sinployea Snail was not found during the next field studies in the 1920s, it obviously disappeared shortly after the date of its discovery. [2]  



[1] Andrew J. Garrett: Descriptions of new species of land and fresh-water shells. American Journal of Conchology 7: 219-230. 1872 
[2] Fred J. Brook: Coastal landsnail fauna of Rarotonga, Cook Islands: systematics, diversity, biogeography, faunal history, and environmental influences. Tuhinga 21: 161-252. 2010  


Depiction from: ‘G. W. Tryon: Manual of Conchology. Second Series: Pulmonata Vol. 3, Helicidae Vol. 1. 1887’  

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