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Planamastra spaldingi ssp. koolauensis Cooke

Koolau Planamastra Snail (Planamastra spaldingi ssp. koolauensis)

The Koolau Planamastra Snail is known from fossil or subfossil remains that were recovered from deposits at Kahuku and Punalu’u near the northeastern coast of O’ahu, Hawaiian Islands, which can be dated to Pleistocene to probably Early Holocene age. [1]

This form may indeed be the ancestor of the form that is now considered the nominate form of the smae species: Spalding’s Planamastra Snail (Planamastra spaldingi ssp. spaldingi Cooke).



[1] C. Montague Cooke: New species of Amastridae. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 10(6): 1-29. 1933


edited: 26.09.2020