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Pseudisidora rubella (Lea)

Reddish Lymnaea Snail (Pseudisidora rubella)

The Reddish Lymnaea Snail was described in 1841; the species was originally found on all of the Hawaiian main islands where it mainly inhabited streams but was also found in pools or on the wet rocky surfaces below waterfalls. Its biology is not well-known, but it probably fed on algae.

The shells of this species are dextral, they reach heights of up to 1,3 cm.

The Reddish Lymnaea Snail is now extinct.



[1] Carl C. Christensen: Type species designation for Pelagolimnaea Germain, 1928, and a correction regarding the type species of Pseudisidora Thile, 1931 (Gastropoda: Basommatophora: Lymnaeidae). Records of the Hawaii Biological Survey for 2014. Part I: edited by Neal L. Evenhuis & Scott E. Miller. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 116: 53–56. 2015


edited: 01.08.2022