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Psychotria banaoana Urb.

Banao Psychotria (Psychotria banaoana 

The Banao Psychotria is or was apparently endemic to a place named Banao, a mountainous area east of the Agabama River in the Sancti Spíritus Province in central Cuba.

The habitat is rather dry and harbors a semi-deciduous forest. [1]

The species is now considered extinct. [2]



[1] A. Borhidi; O. Muñiz: The phytogeographic survey of Cuba. Acta Bonatnica Hungarica 32(1-4): 3-48. 1986
[2] R. Berazaín: The extinct Flora of Cuba. Bissea 3(2). 2009


edited: 03.09.2020

Psychotria acutiflora DC.

Sharp-leaved Psychotria (Psychotria acutiflora)  

The Sharp-leaved Psychotria is or was restricted to the dry coastal forests in the Guayaquil area in the Guayas Province, Ecuador.

The species was not found again and might well be extinct.


edited: 03.09.2020