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Punctum sp. ‘Agakauitai’

Agakauitai Dot Snail (Punctum sp.)  

This form is up to now only known from a single specimen, which comes from the island of Agakauitai, and which was very probably not more closely examined yet. [1]  

It may, however, possibly be identical with the Mokoto Dot Snail (Punctum mokotoense Abdou & Bouchet).  



[1] N. M. Howard; P. V. Kirch: Zooarchaeological analysis of faunal assemblages. In: E. Conte; P. V. Kirch: Archaeological investigations in the Mangareva Islands (Gambier Archipelago), French Polynesia. Contr. Univ. Calif. Arch. Res. Facil. 62: 106-121. 2004


edited: 10.09.2020