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Rubus concameratus H. A. Davis & T. Davis

West Virginia Blackberry (Rubus concameratus)

The West Virginia Blackberry was described in 1953, as it name implies, it is only found in West Virginia, USA, where it is known from five counties, however all reports are historic with the latest one dating from 1957.

The West Virginia Blackberry thus might be extinct.

However, this species is not recognized by all botanists and is sometimes considered a synonym of the Allegheny Blackberry (Rubus allegheniensis (Porter) Porter) (see photo).


Allegheny Blackberry (Rubus allegheniensis (Porter) Porter)

Photo: Famartin

(under creative commons license (4.0))


edited: 16.04.2019

Rubus huttonii Bailey

Hutton’s Dewberry (Rubus huttonii)

Hutton’s Dewberry is, or rather was, a somewhat prostrate, creeping shrub with 1 to 2 cm large, white flowers that was known from only three nearby localities in West Virginia, USA.

The species was not recorded in recent searches and might be extinct, however, according to some authors it may also be synonymous with another species, the Swamp Dewberry (Rubus hispidus L.) (see photo).


Swamp Dewberry (Rubus hispidus)

Photo: Jill Lee

(under creative commons license (2.0))


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Rubus vitifolius var. eastwoodianus (Rydb.) Munz

Eastwood’s Dewberry (Rubus vitifolius var. eastwoodianus)

Eastwood’s Dewberry is known only from the type collected on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, California, USA.

Its exact taxonomic status is somewhat in doubt since it is treated as a distinct species by some botanists while it is included as a synonym in an expanded concept of the Pacific Trailing Blackberry (Rubus ursinus Cham. & Schldl.) (see photo) by others. 

Whatever ist taxonomical position may be, Eastwood’s Dewberry appears to be extinct.


Pacific Trailing Blackberry (Rubus ursinus Cham. & Schldl.)

Photo: Leslie Seaton

(under creative commons license (2.90))


edited: 25.11.2018