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Samoana cramptoni Pilsbry & Cooke

Crampton’s Samoana Snail (Samoana cramptoni)

Crampton’s Samoana Snail was described in 1934, it was restricted to the island of ‘Eua in the Kingdom of Tonga.

The shells are: “Dextral, oblong-conic, narrowly umbilicate and rimate. … thin, translucent, glossy with fine spiral striae on the upper part of spire, fading on body whorl where only a few visible around umbilicus.” [1]

The species is now extinct due to introduced predatory species, including rats.



[1] Justin Gerlach: Icons of Evolution: Pacific Island Tree-Snails of the Family Partulidae. Phelsuma Press 2016


edited: 04.06.2021