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Chrysopelea rhodopleuron ssp. viridis Fischer

Sangihe Flying Snake (Chrysopelea rhodopleuron ssp. viridis)

The Sangihe Flying Snake was described in 1880 from a single specimen which was subsequently destroyed during World War II; it was originally described as a distinct species. This form was apparently restricted to the island of Sangihe, the largest of the Sangihe Islands, Indonesia (not Sulawesi as is often stated).

The snake reached a length of 1,4 m, it was bright green above and slightly paler below, parts of the head were yellowish colored. [1]

The status of this form is not known but it appears to be extinct.



[1] J. G. Fischer: Neue Amphibien und Reptilien. Archiv für Naturgeschichte 215-227. 1880


Depiction from: ‘J. G. Fischer: Neue Amphibien und Reptilien. Archiv für Naturgeschichte 46(1): 215-227. 1880′

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Zosterops nehrkorni Blasius

Sangihe White-eye (Zosterops nehrkorni)

The Sangihe White-eye was described in 1888 based on a single specimen that was collected two years prior, it is, or maybe rather was, endemic to the island of Sangihe, Indonesia. This sole specimen was later thought to be lost but was rediscovered in 1990. 

The species was later found out to be restricted to a tiny, higly threatened patch of remaining forest on this largely deforested island. 
As far as I know, the last confirmed record of this species was in February 1999, when a bird was heard singing, however, the bird itself was not seen. [1]

The Sangihe White-eye apparently now joins the ever-growing list of extinct species.



[1] P. C. Rasmussen; J. C. Wardill; F. R. Lambert; J. Riley: On the specific status of the sangihe White-eye Zosterops nehrkorni, and the taxonomy of the Black-crowned White-eye Z. atrifrons complex. Forktail 16: 69-80. 2000


(lower bird)

Depiction from: ‘A. B. Meyer; L. W. Wiglesworth: The birds of Celebes and neighbouring islands. Berlin: R. Friedländer & Sohn 1898’

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