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Pradosia argentea (Kunth) T. D. Penn.

Silvery Pradosia (Pradosia argentea)

The Silvery Pradosia is a tree species that is known only from material that was collected somewhere in the Cajamarca Province in Peru some 180 years ago, it has never been recorded since and is believed to be extinct.

Two other species, which were thought to be extinct, were recently rediscovered: Glaziov’s Pradosia (Pradosia glaziovii (Pierre) T. D. Penn.) and Mutis’ Pradosia (Pradosia mutisii Cronquist). [1]



[1] Mário H. Terra-Araujo; Aparecida D. de Faria; Ulf Swenson: A taxonomic update of neotropical Pradosia (Sapotaceae, Chrysophylloideae). Systematic Botany 41(3): 634-650. 2016


Depiction from: ‘Nova genera et species plantarum: quas in peregrinatione ad plagam aequinoctialem orbis novi collegerunt, descripserunt, partim adumbraverunt Amat. Bonpland et Alex. de Humboldt . ex schedis autographis Amati Bonplandi in ordinem digessit Carol. Sigismund. Kunth. Lutetiae Parisiorum, Sumtibus Librariae Graeco-Latino-Germanicae 1815’

(public domain)


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Chrysophyllum januariense Eichler

Laranjeiras Star Apple (Chrysophyllum januariense)

This species was described in 1870, it was endemic to its type locality, the Laranjeiras Rainforest, a part of the coastal rainforests along the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The species has never been found since and is probably extinct.


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