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Strabomantis cadenai (Lynch)

Nutibara Robber Frog (Strabomantis cadenai)

The Nutibara Robber Frog is known from a single specimen that was found in 1982 in the vicinity of the Alto Río Cuevas near the City of Frontino at the western flanks of the Cordillera Occidental in Colombia.

The species has not been found subsequently and might now be extinct.


The photo below shows another species of that genus, Ruiz’s Robber Frog (Strabomantis ruizi (Lynch)); this species is also endemic to Colombia and is threatened but not yet extinct.


Ruiz’s Robber Frog (Strabomantis ruizi)

Photo: Thibaud Aronson


edited: 11.02.2024

Holoaden bradei Lutz

Itatiaia Highland Frog (Holoaden bradei)

The Itatiaia Highland Frog, described in 1958, has always been restricted to a small area on the Itatiaia Mountains in southeastern Brazil.

The species reaches a length of about 3,7 cm; it is generally olive-brown with a lighter-colored belly, it has short limbs and yellowish fingertips.

Only very little is known about this species’ biology, however, it is known that it lays its eggs under mulch and decaying plant material; the offspring bypasses the larval stage and hatches as complete miniature frogs.

The Itatiaia Highland Frog is thought to be very likely extinct (not extinct in the wild as Wikipedia states).


edited: 17.05.2022