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Taipidon marquesana (Garrett)

Marquesan Taipidon Snail (Taipidon marquesana)

The Marquesan Taipidon Snail was endemic to the island of Nuku Hiva, Marquesas, it was described in 1887 when the species apparently was still alive, the author gives some very slight information about it.:

Plusieurs exemplaires ont été récoltés sous du bois pourri, dans un ravin d’une montagne élevée.


Several examples were harvested under rotten wood in a ravine on a high mountain.” [1]


The shells are rather small, they reach sizes of about 0.17 cm in heigth and 0.38 cm in diameter. 

As far as I know, only 12 specimens of this species are left today. [2]



[1] Andrew Garrett: Mollusques terrestres des Iles Marquises (Polynésie). Bulletins de la Société malacologique de France 4: 1-48. 1887
[2] Alan Solem: Endodontoid land snails from Pacific Islands (Mollusca: Pulmonata: Sigmurethra). Part I, Family Endodontidae. Field Museum of Natural History Chicago, Illinois 1976


edited: 20.04.2019