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Carex vicinalis Boott

Neighboring Sedge (Carex vicinalis)

This sedge was described in 1867; it is known only from the type material that was collected somewhere in the Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu, India.

The species might be extinct.


edited: 15.08.2022

Selaginella cataractarum Alston

Down-pouring Spikemoss (Selaginella cataractarum)

This species is known from Tamil Nadu, India; it is now apparently extinct.


The photo below shows some unspecified Spikemoss species that was photographed in Tamil Nadu, India.


unspecified Spikemoss species (Selaginella sp.)

Photo: Deepika



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edited: 12.02.2024

Pimpinella pulneyensis Gamble

Pulney Pimpernel (Pimpinella pulneyensis 

The Pulney Pimpernel, described in 1919, was restricted to the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu, India, the plant was formerly used by several of the native tribes as a medical plant to treat hemorrhoids (?).

The species was last recorded in 1891 and is now considered most likely extinct.



[1] Sharad Singh Negi: Biodiversity and its conservation in India. New Delhi: Indus Publishing 1993


edited: 04.09.2019