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Platytropius siamensis (Sauvage)

Siam Schilbid Catfish (Platytropius siamensis)

The Siam Schilbid Catfish was described in 1883; it is known from the Chao Phraya- and the Bang Pakong river drainages in Thailand.

The species reached lengths of about 20 cm and is known to have been carnivorous, feeding on insects and their larvae as well as on freshwater shrimps.

The Siam Schilbid Catfish has not been recorded since the middle 1970s and is now considered extinct.


edited: 22.04.2022

Arundinella kerrii Teerawat. & Sungkaew

Kerr’s Arundinella Grass (Arundinella kerrii)

Kerr’s Arundinella Grass was described in 2011; it is known only from material that was collected in 1924 in the Nakhon Phanom Province of northeastern Thailand, where it was found growing in open grassland at elevations of about 200 m.

The species was not found since despite attempts to recollect it at its type locality. [1]



[1] Atchara Teerawatananon; Sarawood Sungkaew; Trevor R. Hodkinson: Arundinella kerrii and Dimeria kerrii, Two New Endemic Species from Thailand (Poaceae, Panicoideae). Novon 21(1): 149-153. 2011


edited: 16.05.2022

Schistura myrmekia (Fowler)

Hua Hin Stone Loach (Schistura myrmekia)

The Hua Hin Stone Loach was described in 1935 based on a single specimen that was found at near the city of Hua Hin in the Prachuap Khiri Khan province in southwestern Thailand.

The single known specimen is a 5,8 cm long male; in life it was of a light yellowish brown with small, dark spots on top of the head and eight dark bars along the body sides.

The species was never found since its description and is quite likely extinct.



[1] Randal A. Singer; Lawrence M. Page: Redescription of Schistura myrmekia (Fowler 1935) (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae). Zootaxa 3586: 347-352. 2012


edited: 21.04.2022