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Trapa annosa Janković

Morava Water Caltrop (Trapa annosa)  

The Morava Morava Water Caltrop was described in 1957 as a distinct species. 

This flooding aquatic plant only grew in some stagnant and slowly flowing areas of the Morava River, a tributary of the Danube in the Pomoravlje District in central Serbia. 

The taxonomic position of this plant is unclear; however, it is very likely identical to the Water Caltrop (Trapa natans L.) (see depiction below), in fact the only difference between the two forms seems to be the length of the horn-like outgrowths on the fruit, which is longer in the Serbian form than in the common Water Caltrop.  


The Water Caltrop itself is now also an endangered species.


Water Caltrop (Trapa natans); closest relative  

Depiction from: ‘Prof. Dr. Thomé’s Flora von Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz, in Wort und Bild, für Schule und Haus. Gera-Untermhaus: F. E. Köhler 1886-1934’  

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edited: 30.04.2021