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Succinea rotumana Smith

Rotuma Amber Snail (Succinea rotumana)

The Rotuma Amber Snail is endemic is to the island of Rotuma, Fiji, including at least one of the offshore islets.

The species was described in 1897 based on six specimens that were collected on the island of Rotuma, another specimen was collected in 1938 on the offshore islet of Uea, this is also the last record for this species, that now is considered most likely extinct.

There is, however, the chance that the species indeed survives on Uea or one of the other offshore islets.



[1] Gilianne Brodie; Gary M. Bakker; Froseann Stevens; Monifa Fiu: Preliminary re-survey of the land snail fauna of Rotuma: conservation and biosecurity implications. Pacific Conservation Biology 20(1): 94-107. 2014


edited: 26.11.2018