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Senecio navugabensis C. Jeffrey

Navugabo Groundsel (Senecio navugabensis)

The Navugabo Groundsel was described in 1986, the species is known only from the type specimen that was collected in 1935 (according the the IUCN) or 1947 from a swampy area at Lake Navugabo in the Masaka District, southwestern Uganda.

The species was never recorded again despite it originating from a otherwise fairly-well collected area.


edited: 26.09.2019

Ceratotherium simum ssp. cottoni Lydekker

Northern White Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum ssp. cottoni)  

A male, named Sudan, was the last male Northern White Rhinoceros in the world, it died today, at the 9. March 2018, leaving behind the last two individuals of its [sub]species, both females.  

The Northern White Rhinoceros is now functionally extinct.  


edited: 28.03.2018

Ceratophallus concavus (Mandahl-Barth)

Concave Lake Victoria Snail (Ceratophallus concavus)

The Concave Lake Victoria Snail was endemic to Lake Victoria and was apparently restricted there to a place named Hippo Bay near the city of Entebbe, Uganda; it inhabited shallow water, where it was found under stones, a habitat that it shared with other water snail species.

The shells reached sizes of about 0,12 x 0,32 cm; they are said to be reddish-brown and rather glossy. [1]



[1] Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory: A field guide to African freshwater snails. 2. East African species. 2nd edition. Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory, Charlottenlund. 1-51. 1987


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