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Eremogone ferruginea (Duthie ex Williams) Rabeler & W. L. Wagner

Rusty Sandwort (Eremogone ferruginea)

The Rusty Sandwort (originally described as Arenaria ferruginea Duthie ex F. N. Williams [1]) was restricted to the valleys of the rivers Dhauli and Kali in the Kumaon Division of Uttarakhand, India, it is known exclusively from material that had been collected in 1886 and is most likely extinct.

The species probably disappeared due to heavy grazing by feral ungulates.



[1] Richard K. Rabeler; Warren L. Wagner: Eremogone (Caryophyllaceae): new combinations for Old World species. PhytoKeys 50: 35-42. 2015


edited: 14.04.2019