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Vanellus macropterus (Wagler)

Javan Lapwing (Vanellus macropterus)

The Javan Lapwing was a beautiful, up to 28 cm large bird that inhabited the island of Java, Indonesia; it may also have occurred on Sumatra and other islands, but that is not known for sure.

The birds claimed relatively large territories in regions with rather dry, steppe-like vegetation, which they inhabited as pairs. 

The last individuals were seen in 1939, since that date there has not been the slightest trace of the species and it appears to be extinct. [1]



[1] Errol Fuller: Extinct Birds. Penguin Books (England) 1987  


Depiction from: ‘C. J. Temminck: Nouveau recueil de planches coloriées d’oiseaux: pour servir de suite et de complément aux planches enluminées de Buffon, édition in-folio et in-4° de l’Imprimerie royale, 1770. A Strasbourgh; Chez Legras Imbert et Comp., 1838’

(public domain)


edited: 04.10.2020