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Vernonia ledocteana P. A. Duvign. & Van Bockstal

Copper Vernonia (Vernonia ledocteana)  

This remarkable highly specialized plant species was endemic to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where it was restricted to copper-rich soil.  

The species disappeared, together with several other highly specialized species, due to habitat loss by copper mining. [1]  



[1] Michel-Pierre Faucon; Arthur Meersseman; Mylor Ngoy Shutcha; Grégory Mahy; Michel Ngongo Luhembwe; François Malaisse; Pierre Meerts: Copper endemism in the Congolese flora: a database of copper affinity and conservational value of cuprophytes. Plant Ecology and Evolution 143(1): 5-18. 2010  


edited: 21.03.2018

Vernonia sechellensis Baker

Seychelles Vernonia (Vernonia sechellensis)

The Seychelles Vernonia was endemic to the island of Mahé, Seychelles Islands, it is known only from the holotype, which had been collected in 1874 in the so called Forêt Noire, an area that appears to have been largely deforested since then.

The Seychelles Vernonia was a very small shrub, reaching only about 1,2 m in height.

The species was never found since 1874 and is clearly extinct.



[1] Justin Gerlach: Red List ing reveals the true state of biodiversity: a comprehensive assessment of Seychelles biodiversity. Phesluma 20: 9-22. 2012


edited: 26.11.2018