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Nesopupa sp. ‘Majuro’

Majuro Nesopupa Snail (Nesopupa sp.)

This form is known exclusively from a single specimen that was discovered during excavations on the Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands.

The genus is in need of a revision, and this might have been a widespread species, introduced to the atoll by humans, but it might also have been an endemic, now extinct species and is thus mentioned here. [1] 



[1] Carl. C. Christensen; Marshall I. Weisler: Land snails from archaeological sites in the Marshall Islands, with remarks on prehistoric translocations in tropical Oceania. Pacific Science 67(1): 81-104. 2013


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Pupa obliquicostulata Smith

Saint Helena Pupa Snail (Pupa obliquicostulata)  

The species is known from Sugarloaf Quarry on the island of Saint Helena, Southern Atlantic Ocean, the shells are only about 0,2 cm in height.  

The species is extinct.  

This tiny snail was already extinct for a long time, when it was described in the year 1892 on the basis of empty shells.  


Another species from the Whorl Snail family (Vertigidae), also coming from the island of Saint Helena, Turton’s Pupa Snail (Nesopupa turtoni (Smith)), was described at the same time and also only on the basis of empty shells (as Pupa turtoni Smith).  It was considered extinct from the outset too, but was rediscovered alive in the year 2003.  


Depiction from: ‘Edgar A. Smith: On the Land-Shells of St. Helena. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 258-270. 1892’  

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