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Tetramolopium lepidotum ssp. arbusculum (A. Gray) Lowrey

Maui Scaled Pamakani (Tetramolopium lepidotum ssp. arbusculum)

The Scaled Pamakani (Tetramolopium lepidotum (Less.) Sherff) occurs on the islands of Lana’i, Maui and O’ahu, Hawaiian Islands, with the nominate occuring on Lana’i, where it is extinct, and O’ahu.

The Maui subspecies is known only o the basis of herbarium sheets that had been collected in 1844 at the crater of the Haleakala volcano, it was never recorded since and is now extinct. [1]



[1] Timothy K. Lowrey: A biosystematic revision of Hawaiian Tetramolopium (Compositae: Astereae). Allertonia 4: 325-339. 1986


edited: 15.01.2019