I will only count those taxa that were already included in the blog! 


Amastra goniops Pilsbry & Cooke – Olowalu Amastra Snail

– was apparently not extinct at all
– Department of Land and Natural Resources: Division of forestry and Wildlife: Native Ecosystems Protection & Management: Snail Extinction Prevention Program

Naesiotus planospira Ancey – Plane-spired Bulimulus Snail 

– was apparently not extinct at all 

Spirancinea napeanensis (Preston) – Nepean Island Amber Snail

– identical with Norfolk Island Amber Snail (Succinea norfolkensis Sykes) which is not extinct


Ambystoma leorae (Taylor) – Leora’s Stream Salamander 


Rana omiltemana Günther (as Lithobates omiltemanus (Günther)) – Guerreran Leopard Frog 


Lymnaea aulacospira Ancey (as Erinna aulacospira (Ancey)) – Furrow-spined Pond Snail

– Kenneth R. Wood: Biogeographical notes on Erinna newcombi (Mollusca: Lymnaeidae) in the valleys of Hanakoa & Kalalau, Kaua’i, Hawai’i. prepared for the US Fish & Wildlife Service (Cooperative Agreement No. 12200-6-G015) October 2011


Atelopus chrysocorallus La Marca – Coral-red Stub-foot Toad


Petaurillus emiliae Thomas – Lesser Pygmy Flying Squirrel

– Tri Atmoko; Nurul S. Lestari; Lipu: Diversity and conservation status of mammals in Labanan Research Forest, east Kalimantan, Indonesia. International Conference on Forest and Biodiversity 2013


Euphorbia remyi var. hanaleiensis Sherff – Hanalei Spurge

– Kenneth R. Wood; Seana K. Walsh: Notes on the Hawaiian flora: Kaua’i rediscoveries and range extensions. Records of the Hawaii Biological Survey for 2021. Edited by Neal L. Evenhuis. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 142: 27–34. 2022


Xerobdella lecomtei Frauenfeld – European Land Leech

– was apparently not extinct at all
– Uwe Jueg: Xerobdella praealpina Minelli, 1971 (Hirundinea, Xerobdellidae) in Österreich und Slowenien. Lauterbornia 79: 145-149. 2015


Craugastor guerreroensis (Lynch) – Guerreran Robber Frog

– Ricardo Palacios-Aquilar: Notes on distribution, morphological variation, and natural history of the rare frog Craugastor guerreroensis (Anura: Craugastoridae). Alytes 34: 69-72. 2017


Pseudanophthalmus insularis Barr – Baker Station Cave Ground Beetle

– Matthew L. Niemiller; Kirk S. Zigler; Karen A. Ober; Evin T. Carter; Annette S. Engel; Gerald Moni; T. Keith Philips; Charles D. R. Stephen: Rediscovery and conservation status of six short-range endemic Pseudanophthalmus cave beetles (Carabidae: Trechini). Insect Conservation and Diversity. doi:10.1111/icad.12263


Aaadonta irregularis (Semper) – Irregular Palau Disc Snail

– pers. comm. David Bullis

Xenophidion schaeferi Günther & Manthey – Schaefer’s Spiny-jawed Snake

– Evan S. H. Quah; L. Lee Grismer; Thom Jetten; Perry L. Wood Jr.; AurÉlien Miralles; Shahrul Anuar Mohd Sah; Kurt H. P. Guek; Matthew L. Brady: The rediscovery of Schaefer’s Spine-jawed Snake (Xenophidion schaeferi Günther Manthey, 1995) (Serpentes, Xenophidiidae) from Peninsular Malaysia with notes on its variation and the first record of the genus from Sumatra, Indonesia. Zootaxa 4441(2): 366-378. 2018


Atelopus oxyrhynchus Boulenger – Yellow Merida Stub-foot Toad

Earias latimargo Hamspon – Christmas Island Bollworm

Melicope nealae (B. C. Stone) T. G. Hartley & B. C. Stone – Kumuwela Melicope

– Kenneth R. Wood; Seana K. Walsh: Notes on the Hawaiian flora: Kaua’i rediscoveries and range extensions. Records of the Hawaii Biological Survey for 2021. Edited by Neal L. Evenhuis. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 142: 27–34. 2022


Centaurea pseudoleucolepis Kleopow – Steppe Knapweed

– Thomas Abeli; Giulia Albani Rocchetti; Zoltan Barina; Ioannis Bazos; David Draper; Patrick Grillas; José María Iriondo; Emilio Laguna; Juan Carlos Moreno-Saiz; Fabrizio Bartolucci: Seventeen ‘extinct’ plant species back to conservation attention in Europe. Nature Plants 7: 282-286. 2021

Nasa ferox Weigend – Ferocious Nasa

– Tilo Henning; Rafael Acuña-Castillo; Xavier Cornejo; Paúl Gonzáles; Edgar Segovia; Akira Armando Wong Sato; Maximilian Weigend: When the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence: Nasa (Loasaceae) rediscoveries from Peru and Ecuador, and the contribution of community science networks. PhytoKeys 229: 1-19. 2023


Atelopus carbonerensis Rivero – La Carbonera Stub-foot Toad

– César Barrio-Amorós; Denis Torres: Atelopus carbonerensis Rivero, 1974: A Long-awaited Rediscovery through Citizen Science. Reptiles & Amphibians 30: e18534. 2023

Mathewsoconcha belli Preston – Bell’s Matthewsoconcha Snail

– identical with Suter’s Glass-Snail (Advena suteri (Sykes)) which is not extinct
– Isabel T. Hyman; Jennifer Caiza; Frank Köhler: Systematic revision of the microcystid land snails endemic to Norfolk Island (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora) based on comparative morpho-anatomy and mitochondrial phylogenetics. Invertebrate Systematics 37(6): 334-443. 2023


Hylaeus tuamotuensis Michener – Tuamotu Masked Bee

– not extinct
– James B. Dorey; Olivia K. Davies; Karl N. Magnacca; Michael P. Schwarz; Amy-Marie Gilpin; Thibault Ramage; Marika Tuiwawa; Scott V. C. Groom; Mark I. Stevens; Ben A. Parslow: Canopy specialist Hylaeus bees highlight sampling biases and resolve Michener’s mystery. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 12:1339446. doi: 10.3389/fevo.2024.1339446. 2024