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Tetratheca fasciculata Joy Thomps.

Cronin’s Tetratheca (Tetratheca fasciculata)  

Cronin’s Tetratheca was a small shrub about 20 cm tall with hairy shoots and pink flowers from the area around the town of Wagin in Western Australia. 

The species was last seen in 1895 and is now considered extinct.


The photo below shows a congeneric species, the Crowd-leaved Tetratheca (Tetratheca confertifolia Steetz), which is probably more widespread throughout Western Australia.


Crowd-leaved Tetratheca (Tetratheca confertifolia)

Photo: Melissa Doherty
(public domain)


edited: 15.08.2011

Cyclopia filiformis Kies

Filiform Honeybush (Cyclopia filiformis)

The Filiform Honeybush was described in 1951 on the basis of the type material that had been collected in 1897; the species was restricted to coastal fynbos at the banks of the Van Stadens River in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

The species has never been found since then, deforestation and alien plant invasions have likely led to this species’ extinction.


The photo below shows a superficially quite similar, congeneric species, the Long-leaved Cyclopia (Cyclopia longifolia Vogel), which is also known to occur in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. 


Long-leaved Cyclopia (Cyclopia longifolia)

Photo: Nicholas Galuszynski


edited: 01.03.2024