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Mecistocephalus sechellarum Demange

Silhouette Geophilomorph Centipede (Mecistocephalus sechellarum)

The Silhouette Geophilomorph Centipede was described in 1981 based on a single specimen that was collected from a wooded site on Mt. Daban on Silhouette Island in the Seychelles.

The species reaches a length of at least 4,8 cm, it is mainly pale yellowish colored, its head and front segments are reddish brown. [1]

The species was never recorded since and is considered most likely extinct.



[1] Lucio Bonato; Alessandro Minelli: The geophilomorph centipedes of the Seychelles (Chilopoda: Geophilomorpha). Phelsuma 18: 9-38. 2010


edited: 28.04.2021