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Delamarephorura tami Janion, Deharveng & Weiner

Tam’s Springtail (Delamarephorura tami)

Tam’s Springtail was described in 2013; it appears to have been restricted to a small area at the Hon Chong Hills in the Kien Giang Province of southern Vietnam, where it lived in calcareous soil at about 5 cm depth, under dense thickets of broadleaved bushes.

The only known place where this species was known to occur was destroyed in 2011 by limestone quarrying, thus it is quite likely extinct now. [1]



[1] Charlene Janion; Louis Deharveng; Wanda Maria Weiner: Synonomy of Spicatella Thibaud, 2002 with Delamarephorura Weiner & Najt, 1999, and description of two new species (Collembola: Tullbergiidae). The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 61(2): 657-663. 2013


edited: 13.01.2024