Ducula sp. ‘Viti Levu’

Viti Levu Imperial-Pigeon (Ducula sp.)

The Viti Levu Imperial-Pigeon is an undescribed species that is known only from subfossil remains that were recovered from the island of Viti Levu, Fiji.

The species is said to have been similar in size to the Lakeba Imperial-Pigeon (Ducula lakeba Worthy) and both may in fact have been identical to each other. [1]



[1] T. H. Worthy: A giant flightless pigeon gen. et sp. nov. and a new species of Ducula (Aves: Columbidae), from Quaternary deposits in Fiji. Journal of the royal Society of new Zealand 31(4): 763-794. 2001


edited: 14.05.2019