Epioblasma lewisii (Walker)

Lewis’ Pearly Mussel (Epioblasma lewisii)

Lewis’ Pearly Mussel, also known as Forkshell, was once widespread over a large area in the Cumberland and Tennessee River systems. 

The species is only known from empty shells, with the exception of a single specimen with preserved soft parts. 

The larvae of the vast majority of the freshwater mussel species live parasitically in the gills of various river fish. However, nothing is usually known about the symbiotic relationships of the extinct species.


syn. Dysnomia lewisi Walker, Plagiola lewisi (Walker), Truncilla lewisi (Walker)


Photo: ‘Bryant Walker: Description of a new species of Truncatilla. The Nautilus 24: 42-44. 1910’

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edited: 01.03.2024