Zapornia sandwichensis ssp. sandwichensis (Gmelin)

Western Hawaiian Crake (Zapornia sandwichensis ssp. sandwichensis)  

The Hawaii Crake or Hawaiian Rail is the only of the extinct rails from the Hawaiian main islands, that is known to have survived into historical times.  

The species inhabited open, grassy areas and behaved somewhat like a small mammal, running through the vegetation in search for food.  

The Hawaiians called the bird moho.  


The last specimen dates from the year 1864, since then no one has aver seen a Hawaiian Crake again.  


Depiction from: ‘Scott B. Wilson; A. H. Wilson; Frederick William Frohawk; Hans Gadow: Aves Hawaiienses: the birds of the Sandwich Islands. London: R. H. Porter 1890-1899’ 

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edited: 20.03.2018