Felicia annectens (Harv.) Grau

Annexing Cape Daisy (Felicia annectens)

This species, described in 1865, was only ever known from four localities on the Cape Peninsula of southern South Africa.

Annexing Cape Daisy was an annual, up to 15 cm tall, branched or unbranched delicate herb with about 2 cm long and 0.4 cm wide leaves, it had flower stalks up to 6 cm long with blue flowers.

The species, whose taxonomical status is somewhat questionable, is most closely related to the Cape Daisy (Felicia bergeriana (Spreng.) O. Hoffm.) (see photo below); it was apparently last recorded in 1915 and is thought to be extinct.


Cape Daisy (Felicia bergeriana)

Photo: Chris Vynbos


edited: 15.01.2024