Tryonia oasiensis Hershler, H. P. Liu & Landye

Oasis Tryonia Snail (Tryonia oasiensis)

The Oasis Tryonia Snail was described in 2011 based on specimens that had been collected earlier.

The species was restricted to a single site, Caroline Spring, a complex of large springs in the lower Pecos River basin in Texas, USA. These springs discharge into two large ponds which were formerly used for recreational purposes, the snail was found along the edges of a short reach of the outflow of one of these ponds, where the temperature was 20°C.

The Oasis Tryonia Snail could not be detected during subsequent visits in 2011 and may in fact be extinct. [1]



[1] Robert Hershler; Hsiu-Ping Liu; J. Jerry Landeye: New species and records of springsnails (Caenogastropoda: Cochliopidae: Tryonia) from the Chihuahuan Desert (Mexico and United States), an imperiled biodiversity hotspot. Zootaxa 3001: 1-32. 2011


edited: 02.05.2019