Perdicella maniensis (Pfeiffer)

Maui Perdicella Snail (Perdicella maniensis)  

This species, described in 1856, was restricted to the Makawao District on eastern Maui, Hawaiian Islands.  

The shells in average reached heights of about 1,2 cm.  


The scientific name of this species is possible a typographical error (originally mauiensis), yet due to the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (the international rules of the zoological nomenclature) it must be accepted as valid name.  


Depiction from: George W. Tryon; Henry A. Pilsbry; a.o.: Manual of Conchology. Second series: Pulmonata. Vol. 22: Achatinellidae. 1912-1914’  

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edited: 16.06.2020