Erigeron mariposanus Congdon

Foothill Fleabane (Erigeron mariposanus)  

The Foothill Fleabane is known only from material that was collected during the years 1892 to 1900, somewhere at the foothills of the central Sierra Nevada Mountains in Mariposa County of California, USA.  

The species was for some time treated as a synonym of Hartweg’s Fleabane (Erigeron foliosus var. hartwegii (E. Greene) Jepson), from which, however, it differs markedly.  

The Foothill Fleabane is thought to be extinct, the reasons for this, however, appear to unknown. [1]  



[1] Guy L. Nesom: Revision of Erigeron sect. Linearifolii (Asteraceae: Astereae). Phytologia 72 (3): 157-208. 1992  


edited: 09.09.2019