Orbexilum stipulatum (Torr. & A. Gray) Rydb.

Falls-of-the-Ohio Snakeroot (Orbexilum stipulatum)

The Falls-of-the-Ohio Snakeroot, also known as Largestipule Leather-root, was restricted to Rock Island (or Rocky Island) in the so-called Falls of the Ohio, an area of rapids and rocky limestone outcrops in the Ohio River in Kentucky, USA.

The type locality was flooded in the 1920s by the creation of Dam No. 41 (known today as McAlpine Locks and Dam), thus, this species is now clearly extinct.


The photo below shows a congeneric species, Sampson’s Snakeroot (Orbexilum pedunculatum (P. Miller) Rydberg), photographed in Kentucky, USA.


Sampson’s Snakeroot (Orbexilum pedunculatum)

Photo: biomania


edited: 22.01.2024