Mandarina ogasawarana Chiba

Ogasawaran Mandarina Snail (Mandarina ogasawarana)

This species was described in 1999, it is known exclusively from Holocene deposits at Nankinhama on southern Hahajima Island, Ogasawara Islands, Japan.

The Ogasawaran Mandarina Snail was a medium-sized member of its genus, reaching average shell heigths of about 2 cm, they were characterized by a flat spire and a relatively large body whorl with a weak peripheral angulation and other characters.

The species disappeared at around 2000 BCE, most likely because of environmental changes due to natural climatic changes that resulted in a rise of temperatures creating a dryer climate. [1]



[1] Satoshi Chiba: A new species of land snail of the genus Mandarina (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) from Hahajima of the Bonin Islands, Western Pacific: a species that became extinct after 2000 yr. B.P.. Bulletin of the National Science Museum (C) 25(3-4): 121–127. 1999


edited: 19.04.2019