Blackburnia micantipennis (Sharp)

Waimea Blackburnia Ground Beetle (Blackburnia micantipennis)  

The Waimea Blackburnia Ground Beetle was described in 1903, it occurred only at elevations of 600 to 1270 m on the leeward reaches of the Waimea Canyon on the island of Kaua’i, Hawaiian Islands. It is thought to have been a riparian species, since all localities, at which this species was found, are along the tributaries of the Waimea River.  

The last specimens of this species were apparently collected in 1935 and it is now thought to be possibly extinct. [1]  



[1] J. K. Liebherr; E. C. Zimmerman: Insects of Hawaii: Hawaiian Carabidae (Coleoptera), Part 1: Introduction and Tribe Platynini. University of Hawaii Press 2000


edited: 03.09.2019